A heart beats for only so long


A heart beats for only so long
No matter what you do, to keep it strong
There are so many beats it will emit
Before it gives out and finally quits

Take each day you are given with surprise
Make each minute count, don’t compromise
Help someone out who is down on their luck
Give what you can, if only a buck

With each beat of your heart, thank God up above
For each beat of your heart is through him, sent with love
Don’t take for granted the life you are living
Step up to the plate and with your heart, start giving

We do not know when our heart will give out
Have faith in God, never have doubt
In each heart he has given a mission
Listen to yours and see his vision

Take what you find and turn it to action
When you are done you’ll feel such a reaction
Your heart will beat a stronger rhythm
And you will feel what you have been given

A love that is pure and unending
A love in your heart that needs little tending
Only you can hear what your heart is saying
Heed your calling and never stop praying.



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