“HEERAY” sastay mul dey wekhay,

“HEERAY” sastay mul dey wekhay,
“LAAL” Trakri wich tulday wekhy,
“PHUL” pairan wich rulday wekhy,
“SYANAY” gallan bhulday wekhay,
Koi kisay nal pyar nhi krda,
“DIL” dunya wich rulday wekhay,
“RUNG BARANGI” dunya wekhi,
Kai kai rung ik phul day wekhy,
“SUKH” te azal to wairi meray,
“DUKH” hi akhiyan Khulday wekhay,
BUS kr “DILA” chhad day khera,
Chhad day ram kahani tu,
Tu rul gya tay tan ki hoya,
“SHAH” v galiyan rulday wekhay ! 
(BULLAY SHAH)1474445_574600689279231_994557301_n


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